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Cyber Security

Cyber Security Jobs You Can Trust

Cybersecurity is a hot career option these days. The Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates information security analyst jobs will grow from 112,300 in 2018 to 147,700 by 2028. If you have the skills and education necessary, you can become a part of this growing market. Here’s how to get started with cybersecurity jobs.
Cyber Security Jobs Statistics

As stated above, the U.S. government estimates jobs in the cybersecurity sector to grow by 32%. These jobs pay an average of $47.28 per hour or $98,350 per year across the U.S. This is a nationwide average, so localized data in your area could vary. A bachelor’s degree is the typical minimum requirement for a career in IT.
Cybersecurity jobs pay 9% more than the standard IT staff role, and there are plenty of opportunities in the market. This is because cybersecurity is estimated to be a $300 billion industry by 2024. Cyber attacks are increasingly targeting businesses, which are treasure troves of data. Leaks of sensitive data, corruption of network resources, and loss of money are among the potential losses.

That’s why Cybersecurity jobs are so necessary.

Getting Started in Cyber Security

The first requirement for a job in cybersecurity is a love of technology. Cybersecurity isn’t something you can just read a book and pick up on. It’s a wild west with a constant barrage of threats and attacks. Falling victim to any of them can cripple your company, and it only takes one employee to make a mistake.
Humans are the weak link in cybersecurity.
College coursework and professional certifications go a long way toward demonstrating your knowledge of cyberattacks. A solid understanding of networking principles helps you see anomalies. Meanwhile, expertise in database management and computer programming prepares you to handle hostile activity. Education is vital.
The last thing you need is a working knowledge of the organization’s IT resources. No matter how technologically adept you are, the hard part is stopping your coworkers from compromising your security.

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