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There’s no better time to work in cybersecurity. Cybersecurity jobs are opening across the country, as businesses struggle to find qualified applicants who can effectively protect their valuable data. Working with a knowledgeable recruiting firm gives you a leg even further up on the competition. Here's how.

Find the Best Cyber Security Jobs

Valen Solutions, we partner with businesses large and small to build long-lasting relationships. Because of our professionalism, these companies and even government organizations keep us informed of current and potential job openings. This means we’re often the first to know when a job is available, and our recommendation carries the weight of our decade-long reputation.
You’ll find cybersecurity jobs across all industries and all levels. No matter what your specialization, we’ll keep you in the loop on how you can best leverage your skills for a rewarding career. If you’re reaching for the top of the cybersecurity ladder, you want to be the high-level leader. Let’s explore that option.


Are You a Cyber Security Architect?

A cybersecurity architect is responsible for creating and maintaining corporate security. This includes all policies, procedures, tools, and equipment. It’s not a job for the faint of heart. As the top-level leader, cybersecurity architects supervise a team of professionals and have a hand in every aspect of the company’s security policies.
Because computer science is so complicated, a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Cyber Security, or a related technology field is needed. This is not an arbitrary limit and is the bare minimum requirement. Modern cyber threats can cripple your entire business, and an architect must be fully aware of all current trends and compliance issues.
If you think you have the skills and dedication necessary to be a cybersecurity architect, there’s only one way to get started in this exciting new industry.


We’re the Best Cyber Security Recruiting Firm

Valen Solutions is a premiere cybersecurity recruiting firm. We work with the top businesses and professionals to create ideal matches for everyone involved. We’re committed to forging long-term relationships and will only ever contact you if we believe we have the perfect solution.
Whether you’re looking to get your feet wet as a fresh-faced college graduate or are a grizzled cybersecurity veteran, we’re confident we can help you find a match to make your next step the best step forward. Valen is an experienced cybersecurity recruiting firm.
Valen Solutions today to learn how we can turbocharge your cybersecurity career today.