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A staffing agency should help you find a position. It sounds easier than it is. Most agencies, however, are too focused on quotas to take the necessary time to match the perfect applicants to the perfect job. Valen Solutions is a different kind of staffing agency.

We work together with both businesses and job seekers to ensure we profile each side and create perfect matches every time. You’re just a number at other agencies, whether you’re an employer or job seeker. At Valen Solutions, you’re more than a number – you’re our number one priority.
Find out what makes Valen Solutions unique by calling one of our professional consultants about your career aspirations in the most important field of today and the future.

A New Kind of Staffing Agency


Valen Solutions is a modern cybersecurity staffing agency for the 2020s. We recruit only the most qualified experts and work with some of the top brands across all industries. Cybersecurity isn’t just a problem for big tech firms like Amazon, Google, and Facebook – it’s a problem that affects everyone.
According to the Herjavec Group’s 2019 Official Annual Cybercrime Report, approximately 6 million new cybersecurity professionals were needed last year. This is in response to an estimated $5.2 trillion worth of cyberattacks predicted through 2023. Making things worse, governments are increasing data protection regulations, and you can get hit with a massive fine.
You can’t afford to wait – cybersecurity is a concern for every business, and Valen Solutions is dedicated to recruiting the best and brightest talent to help combat this growing concern. With a fully competent and trained staff of IT professionals using the latest in cybercrime tools, your business will be fully protected.


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At Valen Solutions, we understand how important cybersecurity is. Modern business is digital, using cloud-based solutions, artificial intelligence, and more. These high-tech tools help optimize profitability while staying on the cutting edge of innovation. It only works until it doesn’t.
Cybercrime can shut a business down temporarily, even for good. Hackers are getting increasingly sophisticated, and threats like ransomware, worms, and from jacking target businesses large and small across every industry. These criminals steal information, money, and your customers’ sense of security.
We strive to create life-long partnerships with our clients. That means we only provide the best, most qualified applicants for every open position. Our superior customer service is recognized across the world and in your local area. If you’re looking for “the best staffing agencies near me,” you found it in Valen.
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