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Refer a Friend

Got Friends? Get Paid

Have a friend or colleague looking for a career change? 

Let Valen Solutions match their talents with exceptional opportunities in the workforce and you will receive a referral bonus for your efforts in aiding the launch of their new career. Valen Solutions offers up to $1,000 for every person you refer that starts in a new role through the services of Valen Solutions. This program varies by client. 

Check the program rules below and use the link to submit your referral.

Temporary Placement Non-Arise  

  • Job candidate referrals are job candidates whom you know personally and whom you recommend for a specific job opening.

  • Job candidates will be considered referrals only if they are not already in the Valen Solutions applicant tracking system database.

  • If your job candidate referral is placed in a position by Valen Solutions within 6 months of your referral, you will be awarded $200 for that referral.

  • When starting to work with Valen Solutions, the candidate must indicate that they were referred by you to qualify. (Note: For temporary placement, the employee must work at least 520 hours to qualify for the referral).

  • A person will be paid only one referral bonus per candidate referred to Valen Solutions. However, there is no limit to the number of candidates a person can refer.

Temporary Placement- Arise

  • New candidate creates a profile with ARISE and enrolls in a certification course.

    • Candidates will be eligible for the referral payment between $50- $100 if they meet the requirements outlined below. 

    • The new candidate must enter the Referal Code with the CSP ID # (862130), of the person who referred them on their profile creation page. Arise will not make a payment if this step is not completed.

    • Referral must put 68234 as the Service Partner IB ID # and join under Valen Solutions as an Independent Contractor within the Arise Portal.

    • Candidates must enroll in a client opportunity, pay the enrollment fee, complete all pre-course work, and attend certification classes. 

  • The agent passes the certification course.

    • Candidates must enroll, pay for certification, attend all classes, perform all coursework including calls, etc., and pass certification.​

    • If the registrant you referred drops, fails, or is canceled (voluntary or involuntary) from the first certification course selected, you will not have met the eligibility requirements.


  • Agent successfully services the first 60 hours / 120 intervals. 

    • Agents must maintain a minimum of 80% Commitment Adherence during the first 60 hours/ 120 intervals.​

    • You must be an active contractor with Valen Solutions to receive a full referral incentive at the time of payout. 

      • This means you can be on our roster but not actively servicing a client.​

    • Referral payments will be made at the completion of the servicing requirement.

Direct-Hire Referral

Applicants must fill out the referral upon completion of the application. For each referral that gets hired, you will receive up to a $1,000 bonus after they complete their first 90 days of billable time (480 hours). 


What are you waiting for? Get started now by clicking on the link to complete Referral Form!

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