Why Valen

Let us get you the qualified candidates that you need.

Valen Solutions is a full-service staffing and consulting agency. At Valen Solutions, we understand that employment services have always been one of the most valuable and critical components for any successful business.  


Valen’s professional workforce provides each client with superior customer service to suit their individual needs. 

Here at Valen, we strive to become life-long partners with our clients.

Through Valen, we allow you to focus on your top priorities while securing your company's most sensitive information. Our team will connect you with the most highly skilled and qualified candidates who have the CIA to meet your exact needs.

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What We Do


Here at Valen, We :

  • Offer a free consultation

  • Reduce turnover costs

  • Perform applicant screenings

  • Perform background checks

    • Reference checks​

  • Reduce tax burdens

    • Medicare tax​

    • Social Security tax

    • Federal unemployment

    • Other employee benefits

  • Help avoid hiring mistakes

  • Allow you to stay focused on top priorities

  • Test new ideas

  • Meet project deadlines

  • Improves morale

We Focus on Confidentiality and Integrity!